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Contingent Workforce



A critical part of any contingency plan includes the contingent workforce. Who will operate the facility in the event of a work stoppage? Many companies intend to begin initial operations with management personnel, but soon discover that this group may lack the capacity to do the work beyond a short time period.

GPG has demonstrated the ability to provide our clients with qualified, capable work groups ranging from ten to three hundred personnel. GPG provides the full spectrum of services surrounding temporary replacement workers including: recruitment, mobilization, transportation, housing, and on-site supervision. We offer skilled and experienced work groups and managers who have successfully performed in strike situations.

A GPG representative will meet with your operations team to establish the skills and competencies needed to work productively in your business. Using that information, we will identify qualified available individuals capable of reporting to work at your location and within your time constraints.

    Request for Information:
    Please forward all requests for information regarding contingency workforce services to e-mail address: or contact Griffin Personnel Group via telephone at (800) 938-2114. We look forward to addressing your inquiry.