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As the complexity of the national and global business scene continues to change, so do your corporate security needs. In order to remain lean and competitive, corporations are struggling with two key questions: How much security do we really need? and What types of skills/technology are required?

Rather than adding the high fixed costs of a large security department that can meet all of their corporate challenges; many companies are turning to GPG to supply them with the exact security resources required for a specific challenge. This cost effective outsourcing approach allows your security measures to shrink or expand based upon real business need. The breadth and depth of GPG's global security network ensures that you will enjoy excellent quality, responsiveness, and cost savings with this attractive option.



Request for Information:

Please forward all requests for information regarding outsourced security function services to e-mail address: or contact Griffin Personnel Group via telephone at (800) 938-2114. We look forward to addressing your inquiry.