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GPG is a premier provider of incident investigations. Having successfully conducted over five hundred corporate investigations, GPG enjoys a 94% conclusion rate (incidents where a perpetrator is positively identified, employment action is taken, and when applicable, property is recovered). Clients have experienced a 100% conviction rate in criminal cases investigated and prepared for prosecution by GPG.

In fourteen years of investigation, clients have never lost an arbitration, application for restraining order, petition for injunctive relief, or civil suit involving a "for cause" termination case documented and investigated by GPG. These investigations involved GPG service requests by clients in over thirty U.S. locations.

Previous Case Example:

An unauthorized distributor was advertising client tracheal tubes for sale. The client suspected foul play and wanted to gather information on the source, having only a phone number to proceed with. GPG identified the business and individuals in Florida responsible for offering the product for sale. GPG recommended implementing a sting operation to determine the scope of the problem, source of the stolen tubes, and the parties involved.

Within one week, GPG set up a sting operation in Pennsylvania. A GPG investigator made a controlled buy of tubes from the source in Florida; traced the shipment order through phone records and shipping logs to California; identified the source of origination in California and the owners of that enterprise. GPG determined that the sting shipment was material scheduled for destruction, and proved that a warehouse in California was selling items that the client had contracted for disposal.

GPG maintained strict rules of evidence in gathering information and materials, and afforded the client the opportunity to prosecute the case. GPG coordinated each step of the investigation and prosecution with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). At the conclusion of the investigation, GPG recovered $1.3 million dollars in stolen client property from two warehouses. The FDA prosecuted the owners of those warehouses on criminal charges.

Request for Information:

Please forward all requests for information regarding loss investigation services to e-mail address: or contact Griffin Personnel Group via telephone at (800) 938-2114. We look forward to addressing your inquiry.