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Experienced Griffin Personnel Group team members are trained in EEO, ADA and sexual harassment regulations to complement the efforts of your in-house staff in investigating and documenting complaints or suspected incidents of discrimination or harassment. GPG representatives who function in this capacity have a proven track record of resolution. In keeping with recent NLRB decisions, a female GPG team member will be used in all cases involving a female employee.

In fourteen years of investigation, clients have never lost an arbitration, application for restraining order, petition for injunctive relief, or civil suit involving a "for cause" termination case documented and investigated by GPG. These investigations involved GPG service requests by clients in over thirty U.S. locations.

Previous Case Example:

GPG has a 100% closure rate in this arena of investigation. Due to the fact that these cases always involve a high level of sensitivity for all parties involved, examples of previous cases will only be shared with potential clients in general, anonymous accounts.

Request for Information:

Please forward all requests for information regarding EEO investigation services to e-mail address: or contact Griffin Personnel Group via telephone at (800) 938-2114. We look forward to addressing your inquiry.