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GPG designed a comprehensive offering of "Best of Class" security services similar to those actively used by the U.S. Secret Service, US Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Military Special Forces, Scotland Yard, Australian Special Forces and major law enforcement agencies around the world. In each deployment, our approach is tempered by a threat assessment, the business objective of the client, and the specific concerns of all executives involved.

GPG has successfully protected executives and assets from significant workplace threats in over 100 national assignments. These cases included snipers, bombers, assailants armed with handguns and knives, and simple assault. No executive has ever been harmed under the protection of GPG.

In prior executive protection assignments, GPG has assisted the police in successfully obtaining warrants and convictions against corporate attackers for Conspiracy to Murder, Armed Criminal Action, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Flourishing a Dangerous and Deadly Weapon, and other serious charges. No case prepared and presented by GPG has ever been lost in court or arbitration.

GPG has successfully designed and delivered customized executive protection services to clients in over thirty states across the US without incident. Last year alone, GPG representatives seized two handguns and one knife from personnel being terminated by clients on company property.

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